Hitch – Movie Summary

  1. HitchAlex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens helps hopeless or less confident men hook up with the women who they believe are out of their league.
  2. Hitch’s main task in the movie was to transform a man with little self-esteem onto being a confident, supportive and loving friend, boyfriend and eventually husband.
  3. Hitch plays it just right – his smile isn’t forced, his jokes come easy, and the awkward scenes work fine because of his charismatic nature.
  4. Hitch proves it with Albert that even a guy who may seem to have the least of chances to be able to pull a girl can actually do it if he has the self-belief.
  5. Hitch has very high emotional intelligence to be able to interpret how the other person is feeling and thus act accordingly. In particular, he manages to find out about the paparazzi, senses how Sara changes her behaviour over dinner at his place, and interprets body language with Allegra as she plays with her house keys.
  6. Hitch has a wonderful style, as demonstrated by the way he gets the girl at the club to move away from the other guys and speak to Hitch.
  7. Hitch clearly makes a presence that makes you follow him and be attentive with regards to what he says. This is because he’s such a sociable, dominant man.
  8. Hitch shows the importance of listening. He specifically instructs Albert to listen to what Allegra has to say. This shows that Albert respects Allegra, which is a desirable quality to be having.
  9. Hitch hides his personality as much as possible. He reveals very little, which keeps him as a mystery and makes other people curious. Though his mystery didn’t pay off in the right manner for him, it could in other instances.
  10. Hitch did a lot of in-depth research about Sara and Allegra. This is important to be able to connect with people easily and leave a great impression. In particular, he found out about Sara’s great grandfather and the drink she was drinking at the club.
  11. Hitch may make mistakes (like having his shirt stuck in the door and kicking Sara on the face), but he still leaves the other person hooked. He automatically makes the other person interested in him.
  12. Below are some particular quotes and phrases from the movie:

“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

“Basic principles: no woman wakes up saying, “God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!” Now, she might say, “This is a really bad time for me,” or something like, “I just need some space,” or my personal favourite, “I’m really into my career right now.” You believe that? Neither does she. You know why? Because she’s lying to you, that’s why. You understand me? Lying! It’s not a bad time for her. She doesn’t need any space. And she may be into her career, but what she’s really saying is, “Uh, get away from me now,” or possibly, “Try harder, stupid.” But which one is it? Sixty percent of all human communication is nonverbal, body language; thirty percent is your tone. So that means that ninety percent of what you’re saying ain’t coming out of your mouth. Of course she’s going to lie to you! She’s a nice person. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. What else she going to say? She doesn’t even know you… yet. Luckily, the fact is that just like the rest of us, even a beautiful woman doesn’t know what she wants until she sees it, and that’s where I come in. My job is to open her eyes. Basic principles: no matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.”

“One dance, one look, one kiss, that’s all we get, Albert. Just… one shot, to make the difference between happily ever after, and oh? he’s just some guy I went to some thing with once.”