Save Our Environment – My High School Speech

Save Our EnvironmentWhile organising the thousands (if not millions) of files and folders on my old laptop’s hard drive, I came across a Word document that took me back to my high school days in Nairobi, Kenya. The year was 2002, and I was in Year 8 at Oshwal High School (now called Oshwal Academy Nairobi). This was when ‘Bhavik Jayendrakumar Shah’ was an innocent lad with absolutely no clue about the wider issues that our world faced at the time (and faces today). I had probably just learnt the existence of the word ‘terrorism’ after the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US, and was still understanding what the Millennium bug was all about. It came very much as a surprise to me when I got chosen by one of my teachers to prepare ‘an informative speech on a worldly event’ for the next school assembly (that took place every Monday morning). This was a terrifying thought for me at first – standing in front of the head teacher, teachers and a few hundred students, and fluently speaking about a topic that I barely knew about myself! Even worse, the teacher left the topic open-ended (which made it more difficult for me to choose one).

I quickly began to Google what topics I could perhaps speak about, and I noticed that one of the most urgent topics in the news and media was in relation to saving our environment from human activities and promoting sustainable living. Below is my two-minute speech that I prepared for the school assembly. Ignore the lack of detail and the overuse of exclamation marks in this speech – I was only a twelve year old boy then.

Save Our Environment

“Why is man against his own existence? Doesn’t he want to live on this planet any more? Why is he invading his very own creators? Doesn’t he need them any more? The advancement of technology has turned man into a very selfish creature. His greed and arrogance has made him forget the basics of life on Earth, a beautiful, clean and friendly environment. Seas, oceans and rivers, the backbone of life on Earth, are under threat! It seems as though man does not need them any more, and wants them captured – dead or alive! Even the first living things on Earth needed water. Seas, oceans and rivers have been the only sources of water on Earth since then.

Modernisation has now led to a serious problem to nature. It is endangering our environment. The biggest blow is the rapid industrialisation. It has led to a lot of water, air and noise pollution. The results are drastic! Acid rain, death of marine life and global warming are the easiest problems to name. These problems are also affecting humans.

Consumption of water with harmful chemicals from industrial wastes is extremely harmful. It can cause all sorts of chronic illnesses, and often lead to instant death. Just imagine aquatic life living in wastewater with chemicals from the textile or plastic industries. It is terrible! They need to be saved! We need to be saved!

Global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps caused by a rise in temperature. The level of water in oceans and seas around the world is rising. Land is submerging. It is just a matter of a few more years before we all drown. It is we to be blamed! It is part of our careless act against our environment.

Interfering with the water cycle can lead to damage to our seas, oceans and rivers. Deforestation can lead to fluctuations in the water levels too.

In order to prevent further destruction to our seas, oceans and rivers we must take the initiative of thinking about the negative effects of our acts. Think how bad even dropping litter or misusing nature can be. To cure, we must stop destroying, and improve the environment. Say ‘no’ to pollution! Say ‘yes’ to a friendly environment!

Thank you.”

The original document of the above speech can be found here – Save Our Environment by Bhavik J Shah.