How to Believe in Yourself, by Jim Cathcart

Jim CathcartJim Cathcart is a well-known motivational speaker, and an executive coach to high-achievers from different walks of life. According to his website, Jim Cathcart has been selected (for five years in a row) as one of the Top 5 Speakers on Sales & Service in an online survey of over 14,000 people. With over 39 years’ experience of professional speaking, Jim Cathcart has delivered more than 3,000 presentations to audiences all around the world. Besides being a business strategist, psychological researcher and philosopher at heart, Jim Cathcart has also worked in warehouses, driven trucks, sold donuts, been a bank teller, and toured much of the world on a motorcycle. His TEDx video below has had over 200,000 views in just over a year!

In a video on Youtube, Jim Cathcart tells a story about a man who bought a Tidy Car auto detailing franchise business in 1979. The 19 year old man named Tim asked Jim Cathcart for a quote or slogan that he could use to stay motivated. And so Jim Cathcart gave him a question that he could ask himself everyday:

“How would the person I would like to be, do the things I’m about to do?” – Jim Cathcart

With that question, Tim who bought the franchise went back home and started to think about what kind of person he wanted to become – a successful businessman. He started to ask himself – when I am a successful businessman, how will I dress up? How will I act? How will I speak to others? He immediately got himself a new wardrobe, and he started to dress like he was already a successful businessman. He started to put pictures up on his walls of the kind of car he would want to drive, to inspire himself everyday. Every single day when he woke up, he became the person he wanted to become, and then eventually he made his desire into a reality. As it happens, Tim went on to become the most successful franchisee with a record breaking number of sales.

So, this quote really is worth remembering – how would the person I would like to be, do the things I’m about to do?